Webtrees genealogy web frontend

I’ve been using Gramps for quite a long time to store my genealogy data. Biggest advantage : it runs locally, which is very handy when doing offline research. However, the GUI is not very nice to display to non-genealogists and it’s HTML export features are very limited, creating mostly HTML 1.0 style static pages of the same technical taste.

I had a look at phpGedView some years ago, but didn’t come to set it up. Now it turns out that the project is mostly unmaintained, last release was made in 2010.

Most promising replacement tool is the phpGedView fork Webtrees

Still based upon PHP+MySQL, but this can also be set up locally. Also, there is a export/import mode to transfer the data to another (online) server for display.

Webtrees further features user management, allowing to have read-only visitors and read/write contributors.