Piwigo - Gallery3 replacement

Some weeks ago, the gallery team announced that they would end the development of their web based photo album software.

So… time for a replacement ! Looking for alternatives that were easy to set up and also provided nice-looking templates I came accross piwigo and it convinced me.

Some of the concepts behind it differ somehow from gallery, so (though a migration plugin exists) I decided to start from scratch and rethink my photo album.

Some nice new features :

  • digikam export to piwigo plugin : quite slow (upload by small chunks), but works fine

  • Two android apps to view and upload pictures into piwigo :

    • Official one is crappy (read : can’t view any image nor upload one), has iPhone look and has not released anything since 2 years

    • Inofficial regalandroid is more useable… besides the fact that it crashes when displaying the pictures. Short debug shows that it runs out of memory while downloading the pictures… works well with pictures 100kB in size, but not 3MB. Bug filed, good test vehicle to see how responsive the developpers are !