Ikiwiki and gitolite

Ikiwiki is meant to work with git, and is therefore basically compatible to gitolite.

One issue that pops up however is that files created by the gitolite user are not accessible by the apache webserver. And that’s good so ! A bad solution would be to open up file access permissions so that apache can access those files. But this would also open access to all other files, repositories … that gitolite manages.

There are some solutions available using wrappers, set suid to an user that apache can read from - sometimes even suid root.

But these solutions didn’t work well for me, their integration into gitolite wasn’t easy.

One alternative solution is provided by ikiwiki itself (within the rsync plugin) : upon local commit, a rsync command can be launched to copy the files to another location.

rsync_command: rsync -qa --delete . user@server:/var/www/mysite/httpdocs/

This solution has however the disadvantage that it’s not possible to have the git repository on a remote host.